Have you noticed how photos and videos look like they are taken from above, but are too low to have been shot from a plane?  You are probably looking at images shot from a Unmanned Aerial Vechile (UAV).  DJI’s flagship drone,  the Inspire 1 is equipped with all kinds of advanced technology that allows me to capture incredible 4K videos and 12-megapixel photos. This is thanks to its gimbaled platform, and transforming landing gear that raises during takeoff to give me a completely unobstructed view from the camera.

The Inspire 1 uses four incredibly powerful motors connected to carbon fiber legs, which help propel the craft to speeds past 50 miles per hour, while also maintaining maneuverability. This is especially fun when paired with DJI’s lightbridge technology, which allows me to see a live camera feed of what the Inspire 1 is seeing — from up to a mile away. The included 4K camera can rotate a full 360 degrees and 120 degrees up and down.

I have been shooting photography professionally for over 30 years and I have mastered the skill of the DJI Inspire 1 UAV.  Please contact me to find out more about this new technology and how it can benefit you.